Sickness & Diahorrea

Most children by the age of five will have suffered from gastroenteritis, a viral infection which inflames the intestinal tract causing diahorrea, sickness and also vomiting.

It is very easy for children to experience this illness as it can be passed from person to person particularly when they are in close contact with each other. The most common type of this virus is called the ‘rotavirus’.

In addition to the expected symptoms mentioned above, it is not unusual to experience stomach pains, aches and also high temperatures. These can last for 1-3 days, and in some cases longer.

Once any of the symptoms have been identified, your children must remain excluded from nursery for 48 hours after the last symptom subsided.

Read more about this illness at the NHS website.

Exclusion From Nursery Period
48 Hours after last sign of symptoms
Contact us should you be unsure