Generally affecting children more than adults, it is the most common symptom of swollen glands, and is also highly contagious.

The virus which causes mumps can be spread both via direct touch, and also indirectly, which means you should keep your children away from other people as much as possible, especially pregnant women.

The most contagious time period during the onset of mumps is 1-2 days prior to the symptoms becoming apparent, and for the following five days also.

The symptoms are the swelling of the glands on either side of the face below the ears. Most of the time, both sides will be affected, however it can also only affect one side.

Due to the swelling, it can become painful to swallow and touch, and can lead to the onset of headaches, dry mouth, loss of appetite, nausea, temperature and feeling tired.

Once you have identified your child has mumps, they should refrain from visiting the nursery for at least 8 days from when the swelling began.

Read more about this illness at the NHS website.

Exclusion From Nursery Period
Five days from when swelling begins.
Contact us should you be unsure