Impetigo is a highly contagious infection which affects the surface of the skin, usually on the face. It is very common in children, and can easily be spread to others who have been in close contact with them.

It is not a serious illness, but one which must be treated with antibiotics. To prevent the bacteria from spreading, make sure you wash your hands after touching any of the infected areas, and never share towels or bed linen with the infected child.

The first symptoms will usually be sores appearing on the face, particularly close to the nose/mouth region. This can quickly spread to other areas however. They will burst but will eventually go away on their own.

To prevent spreading the bacteria, your child cannot attend nursery until all sores have burst and healed.

Read more about this illness at the NHS website.

Exclusion From Nursery Period
Until legions are crusted or healed.
Contact us should you be unsure