Hand, Foot & Mouth

Hand, foot and mouth is a common disease among children under ten, and usually lasts for around 7-10 days.

Symptoms won’t be visible immediately, however after 3-5 days you will begin to notice aa loss of appetite in your children, fever, sore throat and sometimes red spots in the mouth or upon the skin. These spots will usually turn into ulcers, making it very difficult and painful to consume any type of food or drink.

Red spots on the skin (which usually appear on the hands and feet), will eventually turn into a rash before disappearing.

Although it is possible to catch this disease more than once, it is rare that a child will do so within the same outbreak.

Your child must remain at home until all symptoms have disappeared.

Read more about this illness at the NHS website.

Exclusion From Nursery Period
Until symptoms have subsided.
Contact us should you be unsure