Chickenpox is a mild infection, although one which can be troublesome to treat, and at times quite aggravating for the child. The first sign of chickenpox is usually an itchy rash when will blister, and then become crusty.

Chickenpox is highly contagious, and is most popular throughout early childhood years, so much so, that over 90% of UK adults are now immune to it!

Although the condition is very mild for children, it can cause serious problems for women who are pregnant, which is why it is important your child does not attend nursery until all the spots have crusted over for at least 5 days.

There is no real cure for chickenpox, but to calamine lotion will help relieve itching and prevent your child from scratching the spots which can lead to scarring.

In most cases, chickenpox should clear up by themselves within a few weeks.

Read more about this illness at the NHS website.

Exclusion From Nursery Period
Until spots have crusted over (minimum of five days)
Contact us should you be unsure