Hamptons Day Nursery

The Hamptons Day Nursery provides a fun and educational environment for children and babies from three months old. Our nursery is open from 8am until 6pm Monday - Friday, and we can also provide earlier mornings and later evenings if they are required upon request.

The Hamptons Day Nursery building and garden have been carefully designed to ensure all your child’s needs are met in a loving, safe, stimulating, and fun-filled environment.

We have ample parking spaces, and are very fortunate to be situated a short walk from Carlisle park.

Tadpoles Nursery School

The Tadpoles Nursery is a fantastic place for your child to make new friends, socialise, and prepare themselves for their school years.

Located in lovely Carlisle Park, all children can enjoy daily fun filled activities, including nature trails and picnics, as well as many under 5's enclosed outdoor areas.

We provide morning ,afternoon and all day sessions five days per week during term time.

Fun Factory – After School Club

The Fun Factory is perfect for working mums and dads who are unable to drop off, or collect their children from local schools.

We provide a fun and engaging atmosphere for all children between the ages of 4 and 11, helping them learn new skills and to also gain self confidence and creativity.

The Fun Factory can care for your child before and after school, including walking them to and from their schools to ensure their safety at all times.